Tailor Made Abutment

Implantswiss Premill custom abutments are completely "patient-specific" abutments produced according to the dimensions of the patient's teeth and gum.

Custom Abutment
Implantswiss Custom Abutments offer several advantages
  • Perfect fit between implant-abutment-gum,
  • Solving problems regarding angle, location and anatomy,
  • An ideal gum and neck line,
  • A broad range of material options,
  • Price advantage,
  • Aesthetical superiority.
Custom Implant vs Standard Implant
CAD/CAM technology
Custom Implant vs Standard Implant
Scanning the measurements taken from the patient or scanning the prepared implant  cast using a 3D scanner, Designing abutment dimensions according to the patient's need using CAD software, Using CAM system to produce completely a patient-specific custom abutment.
Custom abutments are produced as designed without margin of error as they are machined with pre-mills with internal connections. Therefore, a perfect abutment-to-implant fit is achieved.
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